Family Tree
Brief Family Tree and Lineage of
Kwong Sai Bamboo(Jook Lum) Temple Praying Mantis under Wong Yuk Gong.

Som Dot
Lee Shem See
Cheung Yiu Chung
Wong Yuk Gong
Wong Do Leng
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Wong Yiu Hung
(Son of Wong Yuk Gong)
Wong Yiu Hwa
(Son of Wong Yuk Gong)
(PingShan contact point)
Tsang Kun Hoi
Chung Fu Seng
Lee Kwok Leung
(HK contact point)
Lee Chi Ho
(Son of Lee Kwok Leung)
?P?????h?A???????C Brothers in the same clan we have not detailed further.

Hong Kong and Ping Shan, Kwong Sai Bamboo (Jook Lum) Temple Praying Mantis Kung Fu Association and System